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Deal management is at the core of modern selling. Whether you are looking for product-market fit, growing your business, developing traction, or scaling your business towards a sustainable trajectory,  the foundation for each of these is good quality deal management.

This course provides a deep dive into the process in the course “Deal Management 101”. This Multi-step sales process takes all the tasks that must be done to manage a sale to close and organizes them in the right order to have the biggest impact.  You will learn how doing things in a specific order will optimize your control of the deal and increase your win rates significantly. You will learn how to close bigger deals faster by developing and managing an appropriate velocity through the deal cycle. Above all, you will learn how to manage trust in your prospect and mitigate risks to close more deals.

This course compliments the DealCoach app, which is an online coaching tool that guides you in deal management by prompting you at key stages of the deal, surfacing good points and bad points as trust and risk, and offering proven modern tactics to overcome the specific challenges you may have in moving a deal forward.

Armed with this knowledge and tool, you can develop your strategies around pipeline management and forecasting and build your organization toward sustainable and repeatable revenue growth.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone involved in Enterprise SaaS who wants to learn how to close more deals and do it faster.  You can’t wait a year or more to learn the dynamics of an Enterprise deal nor can you simply hire a costly VP of Sales so you need to tap into the necessary expertise quickly and at low cost.

Learning Path

The Multi-step sales process takes all the tasks that must be done to manage a sale to close and organizes them in the right order to have the biggest impact.

Video 2 Min to complete

  • There are two parts to this stage :
  • Research 
  • First Contact 

Determine if there is a problem worth fixing and if it is a priority for the prospect to allocate a budget to solve it

Validate or prove your benefit and value by delivering a compelling demo that differentiates your value and benefit, separates you from the competition and builds your trust relationship with the prospect

Extend your relationships within the prospect account – continue to engage your Champion, involve Power ( Decision maker and maybe the Signer), and make sure they buy into your differentiated value and they share with you, their plan to make a decision.

Building on the previous stages, and working with the prospect team, define together a plan of the steps each part needs to complete to get to the decision (Mutual Close Plan). Negotiate commercial terms. And ask for the order – decision Yes or No

Having “Won the deal” you need to efficiently move to close it. You need to provide the commercial/Legal paperwork and nurture it to close and beyond.

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