what makes us different

B2B Sales Coaching Reimagined


Compliment your existing CRM with DealCoach’s  powerful Sales Coaching AI Copilot and Training Hub that enables B2B SaaS companies to scale and manage revenue more efficiently. 

A New Approach to Scaling your Revenue Growth  


Learn the skills of consistent top sales performers who practice the techniques that we teach and coach. Learn practical Solutions to close more deals faster. Get actions to take and things to watch presented in a timely and easy to digest form. Your expert deal coach in a box available anytime! See your win rate rise and deal velocity increase.

supercharge your growth

Empower your global ambition with sustainable and predictable revenue growth. DealCoach comes with a track record of achieving its promised results. You can feel assured that your investment will be worthwhile and will deliver tangible benefits fast.

Increase Shareholder Value

Close more deals, close bigger deals and close them faster! Learn how to close better deals and add thousands of dollars to your revenue line ! Set yourself up for scaling by safely hiring and building a team and building sustainable and predictable revenue growth

Main Benefits

01. Coaching Copilot

Engage with expert guidance as if you're in a live coaching session: receive advice, tap into successful strategies, and ask targeted questions for more in-depth insights.

02. Objective Assessment

Gain a clear perspective on your deals! Identify trust-building areas and assess risks without bias. Say goodbye to being "Star Struck" by big-name deals, and stop investing time and energy in deals that won't close.

03. Optimize your time effectively!

Sellers typically allocate up to 75% of their time to administrative tasks, internal meetings, and deal reviews. Liberate more time to engage with prospects, boost revenue, and propel your business forward.

04. Use your favourite Methodology

Use Methodologies inside DealCoach such as MEDDICC, Gap Selling , Challenger etc to drive revenue by providing a structured and systematic approach.

05. Deal Strategy and Approach

Pick a strategy to win the deal and get assessments in context of the strategy and approach including recommendations to change to another approach

06. Forecast accuracy

Maximize confidence with accurate revenue forecasts that builds resilience in your revenue growth, setting the organization up for accelerated scaling.

Easy to implement!


Signup for DealCoach

Simple and Affordable, Sign up on line and immediate access to the platform and training courses 


Follow a role specific learning plan

You will be sent a role-based learning path specifically not just to your role but where you are in terms of sales skills development 


Use the Coaching Platform

Once you are ready to manage live deals with DealCoach, use the coaching platform to reinforce your learnings and close more deals. Faster. 

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