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                   Empowering Globally Ambitious Companies with Sustainable and Repeatable Revenue Growth

If you want to scale your business to its full potential there is only one place to start. Deal management is critical to scaling a SaaS (Software as a Service) business. Unless you can manage a deal using a sales process and a playbook with tactical plays  to drive the deal forward and be able to forecast it accurately, you will NEVER scale your business.  You might grow it but mastering the techniques of Deal Management will not only allow you to close more deals faster but give you a platform to hire a team and scale your go-to-market execution.  Everything begins here… 

Proven Success

DealCoach comes with a track record of achieving its promised results. You can feel assured that your investment will be worthwhile and will deliver real results.

Practical Solutions

Practical Solutions to close more deals faster is at the core of DealCoach. Actions to take and things to watch presented in a timely and easy to digest form.

Easily Implementable

Start seeing value straight away. You will gain knowledge and insights into your deals within minutes of starting to use the Coaching tool. Build your knowledge and experience quicker with the training courses and coaching.


DealCoach offers affordability without compromising on quality, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two main reasons to sign up for DealCoach:

  1. You want to close more deals. Faster. Every deal counts in today’s world.  You can’t afford to leave “Winnable deals” behind. But equally, you can’t afford to take months to learn how to drive deals forward to close. DealCoach will give you the knowledge and expertise you need and coach you through your deals to improve your win rates and deal velocity in no time at all.
  2. You need a solid platform to scale. If you have just taken in investment to grow your company, you are on a clock! You have a runway to get to a revenue run rate to position yourself for the next round of investment. Remember, “What got you here won’t get you there.”  So you need the solid platform of DealCoach to enable you to safely and efficiently grow your team and scale your revenue generation – make it scalable and predictable.   

No. All the Deal Management Courses are included. These are the Courses in Deal Management, Core Skills Deep-dive, and Deal Forecasting sections totaling 24 Courses. 

Our expectation is 60 – 90 days. That assumes that you dive into the training and embrace the changes it shows you. Then you need to use DealCoach regularly and pay close attention to the advice it gives. You will start to see a change in a few short weeks and then within 60 – 90 days you should see more deals closing than before. 

If you really embrace DealCoach (both the training and the Coaching Tool) and after 90 days you aren’t getting better results, let’s talk. We will refund all fees paid if you are doing everything right, but it’s not working for you. Guaranteed.  We are that confident that you will see significant improvements.

No and you should continue to use your CRM as the best way to manage your day-to-day interactions with your prospects and customers. DealCoach and your CRM complement each other very well. DealCoach is used to review your deals  (once a week or so) and give you practical and timely advice that you can follow up on in your CRM. 

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