What got you here won't get you there...

Congratulations !  You have reached a key milestone in your startup journey – you have achieved product market fit; you have a number of paying customers and you’ve secured funding for the next stage of your growth. This is a great achievement!

Your next stage will be just as exciting – scaling, getting traction, and bringing your solution to many more customers. 

I suspect that you know now that such scaling will require new skills to ensure your success. Your investors have faith in you, your team, and your product, but you need to back this up with great go-to-market execution.

Acquiring many more customers needs a new approach. A step change in execution. You are going to have to manage your deals faster and qualify them out when they clearly aren’t winners;  juggle more opportunities all at the same time. You have another key need – you need to be able to keep your investors on board and supportive by showing that you can manage your revenue growth and accurately forecast your revenue number.

As if that isn’t enough you need to do this at speed – you need to do this fast before you run low on funds. You don’t have 18 months to learn to do all this by trial and error. 

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