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DealCoach coaching App complements your training by enabling you to bring your learnings into practice with real deals over time. It’s well known that, unfortunately, knowledge gained through training tends to be lost over a few months, but training reinforced with coaching leads to higher retention, internalization, and overall effectiveness.

DealCoach is easy to use and complements your CRM by enabling you to use a regular “deal review” process to evaluate your deals, identify risks and take corrective action.

Additionally, you can use DealCoach to identify high-value opportunities and prioritize your sales efforts accordingly. By focusing on leads that are more likely to convert, you can increase your win rate and generate more revenue.

Finally, you can use DealCoach to track the performance of your sales team and identify areas where additional training or coaching is needed. By developing your team’s skills and knowledge, you can increase their effectiveness and drive more revenue for your business.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone involved in Enterprise SaaS who wants to learn how to close more deals and do it faster.  You can’t wait a year or more to learn the dynamics of an Enterprise deal nor can you simply hire a costly VP of Sales so you need to tap into the necessary expertise quickly and at low cost.

Learning Path

The 3 objectives of this course are designed give you the skills to use DealCoach to give you the edge by enabling you to internalize the training you have received and bringing your skills to a new level and retain it !

Video 2 Mins

In this lesson look at how to apply DealCoach depending on your role to get the maximum benefit from the tool. 

Video 11 Min 

DealCoach will assist you across 6 areas of deal management. This lesson summarizes these 6 areas and sets you up for the following 7 lessons where we do a deep dive into each of these, preceeded with how to get started by entering a deal into DealCoach.

Video 5 Mins 

To use DealCoach you need to enter your deals. we will walk through each element you need to enter and why.

Video 6 Mins

Manage a sale through a process from start to close involves organizing activities in the right order to have the biggest impact. DealCoach will guide you to do the right things in the right order, highlight where you need to go back and rework elements to keep the deal moving forward and on track

Video 12 Mins

A sales playbook is essential to drive sales best practices across multiple deal stages to maximize win rates. We will explore a recommended playbook implemented in DealCoach.

Video 7 Mins

Gain insight into the potential risks of a deal and stay one step ahead with timely reminders to resolve any issues and ensure the deal progresses effectively

Video 14 Mins

Inject your deals with momentum and avert the danger of deal stalls and a stagnated pipeline, which can damage your growth potential. DealCoach monitors the deal and alerts you to Potential deal stalls.

Video 12 Mins

Identify and track Key Deals within the pipeline to ensure the right focus and attention on the right deals. we will see how to track Key deals to make sure they get the right attention.

Video 4 Mins

Use DealCoach to maximize investor confidence with accurate revenue forecasts that builds resilience in your revenue growth, setting the organization up for accelerated scaling

Video 3 Mins

We will conclude this course with a summary of the capabilities of DealCoach and review how will it help you drive revenue?

Video 8 Mins

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