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Deal velocity is one of the main tenants of modern selling. A deal that’s not moving forward is in danger of being lost, resulting in otherwise winnable deals failing to turn into revenue. 

To manage deals therefore you need cetain skills – you need to know how and where deals can stall and have tactics ready to prevent them from stalling and secondly have skills to bring a stalled deal back on track.

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about stalled deals – it covers what are stalled deals; why they occur; how to prevent them from occurring and how to get them back on track. 

Without this knowledge, you are in danger of not realising your revenue potential. Investors are particularly concerned to see stalled deals ( the same deals appear at the same place month after months on deal reports) as this could indicate a larger problem. It erodes confidence in the ability of the team to execute by closing deals and in the worst case can lead to stagnation of growth and the company running out of runway. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone involved in Enterprise SaaS who wants to learn how to close more deals and do it faster.  You can’t wait a year or more to learn the dynamics of an Enterprise deal nor can you simply hire a costly VP of Sales so you need to tap into the necessary expertise quickly and at low cost.

Learning Path

This lesson outlines what you can expect from this course – what are the learning outcomes that you can expect from this course.

Video 1.3 Mins

Modern Selling is based on velocity. If a deal stops progressing (stalls) then it is in danger of being lost even though it might be an otherwise winnable deal. Investors get nervous for this reason when they see stalled deals in the pipeline.

Video 7.5 Min 

What is a stalled deal? What does it look like compared with the normal cadence of a deal? Its vital to be able to distinguish the two to know if you have a deal that’s at risk

Video 8 Mins 

Learn the main causes of why a deal might stall. Some of these are within your control and some aren’t but you need to know what behaviors by you and the prospect could lead to a stall.

Video 12.5 Mins

Learn the critical points in the deal cycle where a deal could stall. Prevention of a stall is better than rectifying a problem, so you should learn where deals are in danger of stalling and know what you need to do to prevent it from occurring.

Video 15 Mins

If a deal stalls, you need to have tactics to bring it back on track. This lesson will give you 12 tactics you can use to bring a deal back from a stalled position and move it forward.

Video 15 Mins

Built into DealCoach is the capability to monitor a deal’s progress and alert you to the potential of a stall and provide you with the steps to take to move it forward. This lesson walks you through the deal stall features in DealCoach and shows you how to apply the principles of this course to your pipeline of deals.  

Video 8 Mins

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