Close more Deals....
Bigger and Faster!

Tap into the knowledge and experiece of a former
Salesforce VP of sales to increase your Deal
Win rate by more than 20% 

Our Product Combines 3 Elements


 Learn how to identify if a deal is real or not and assess its strength by applying science, art and judgement to the deal  


Apply the training to real world examples and be coached through the process to close more deals faster 


AI software to work alongside you and coach you through your deals, offering insights and suggestions to close the deal bigger and faster

Our Expertise


Our team is made up of consistent top sales performers who all practice the technics that we activley teach.

Increasing Deal Lifetime Value

We don't just close more deals, we close bigger deals! This combination has generated over $100 Million dollars in additional revenue for those we teach.

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Get personalized one-on-one sales coaching tailored to fit your needs.

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