DealCoach in Action



Let’s Take a Sample deal and See some Outputs we can get from DealCoach based on what is happening in the deal.

  • The deal is at Stage 2 and the deal cycle based on the close date is very long for a deal of this size.
  • The deal has a risk of stalling (because the prospect hasn’t confirmed if its a priority to find a solution and we cant get them to do a Discovery).
  • We use SPIN as our Sales Methodology of choice.
  • They want a demo and refuse to allow us run a discovery before doing the demo. We therefore don’t know the Need/Pain, Business Consequences or any Metrics associated with this.
  • They have also asked for a price before the demo and you want to send them an email to tell them this is not a good idea.

Partner Sales Example

Let’s look at another example where DealCoach can help guide you. In this example we are selling to the prospect with a partner engaged. Unfortunately, the Prospect wants a different partner. 

Late Stage deal

Deals can run into problems in the later stages – in the early stages, the prospect is gathering information and forming opinions. In the latter stages they need to decide and commit either to go ahead or go another direction. 

  • The deal is at a late stage – Finalizing Closure.
  • There are lots of red flags with this deal – vague interest to progress; problems with the commercial details; competition is trying to win it back etc…
  • The Deal is Partner Lead and we are pursuing a POC approach

Easy to implement!


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Follow a role specific learning plan

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Use the Coaching Platform

Once you are ready to manage live deals with DealCoach, use the coaching platform to reinforce your learnings and close more deals. Faster. 

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