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A deal playbook is a key tool that can help enterprise SaaS companies to streamline sales processes, improve efficiency and speed up deal closure times. In order to use a deal playbook effectively, it is important to start by working the key stages of your sales process and build on this with the Sales Playbook.

The playbook is more strategic than the Process. While the process keeps you on winning ways to do the right thing in the right sequence, the playbook is a framework to diagnose how you are winning and where to take corrective action (using deal plays).

Combining the two gives you not just the right tools to win deals but to improve control and velocity and provides a solid foundation to scale your business, bring on new sellers and scale.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone involved in Enterprise SaaS who wants to learn how to close more deals and do it faster.  You can’t wait a year or more to learn the dynamics of an Enterprise deal nor can you simply hire a costly VP of Sales so you need to tap into the necessary expertise quickly and at low cost.

Learning Path

This course will teach you how to use a playbook to drive deals across multiple stages.

Video 4 Mins

How does a Sales Playbook differ from a Sales Process? Where do sales Plays fit into this ?

Video 7 Mins 

Use a playbook to re-qualifying at each stage. You are constantly confirming that the prospect qualifies and if not, qualify out.

Video 3 Mins 

Learn how to evaluate f the investment is compelling enough to make a change from the current status.

Video 2 Mins

Learn the importance of  building a story that differentiates you from any competition and showcases your value. 

Video 3 Mins

Central to Modern selling is developing and maintaining trust. Learn how to use this over several Stages in the sales process to win deals.

Video 3 Mins

Lear the importance of your contact helping you with access to power? Is your contact engaged and supportive? 

Video 3 Mins

See how accessing Power via a Champion and confirming Value with Power directly enhances your position 

Video 3 Mins

Are you using all the resources at your disposal to get the deal over the line on time is important to drive the deal forward.

Video 2.5 Mins

DealCoach has implemented all 7 components of the Playbook and provides summary of the status of each component and (using Sales Plays) gives  practical steps to implement the playbook.

Video 1.5 Mins

We will conclude this course with a summary of the learnings of this course

Video 1.5 Mins

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