Location RISK

Location can influence the propensity of a deal to close.

In this context we are talking about the propensity of a company to buy from you if you are located a long way from their location.

Long distances means differences in time zones , and differences in time zones leads to out of hours meetings etc. during the sales cycle and queries about how support and such like will work with different time zones. It can also affect language, cultural norms, competitors that you will deal with etc.. Finally it can affect your ability to visit them – is it worth going on site ? What is the opportunity cost of taking the time to travel long distances etc ?

On the other side, a nearby location can work to your favor.  You might be able to visit on site easily and get closer to the prospect and potentially build more trust face to face. 

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RED – Far away country

There are many factors to consider with a deal in a far away country. From picking times for sales calls, demos etc. to the challenges of supporting the customer during implementation and after you win the deal. The prospect will have the same questions so all things equal they may go more local.

AMBER – Nearby Country or Region

Not as challenging as Far away but can be more challenging than you think. Local case study/references coupled with on site  are likely issues that will arise.


GREEN –  In  your country or region

Distance works in your favor  and doesn’t factor in negatively but may be a positive in your favor.

Mitigation – what to do ?

What’s your unfair advantage ? – If what you are offering is good then distance may not matter

Is this a Strategic sale ?  The further away from your location the prospect is, the more important the answer to this question is. Ask yourself “Is this a strategic customer deal to win?” By strategic I mean is this an opener for a new region or do they have a name that even if its a difficult account to service after the sale is made its worth it ( for example a key reference account).

Be more attentive to cycle times. This means if they send you an email reply fast. Don’t let the doubt enter their heads that you cant look after them in a timely fashion.   

Expect different competitors to be involved.  A competitor that are not strong in your usual territory may be strong in the prospects region so bear that in mind. 

Reference customer in the region or country? Do you already have a reference customer near them that you can use to prove them with re-assurances that not only can you service their region but that you are doing so successfully today

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