Decision Process

How are they going to make a decision between the different options?

Establishing the decision criteria is only half the story. You also need to understand how a decision is going to be made.

It’s critically important to understand how decisions get made because that impacts a number of important things: 

Firstly, who is currently involved in the decision? 

Secondly, who’s involved will give you an insight into the criteria that are important. 

Thirdly, it enables you to make sure that you have answered questions and provided information to satisfy the different interested parties.

Finally, it’s an important element of understanding when a decision will be made and consequently the predictability of the revenue for your business.


Amplifying Factors Decision Process Decision Maker Champion

RED – Decision process unknown

If the prospect accounts can’t describe to you how they going to make a decision, this is a red flag.  It points toward the possibility that there are a lot of loose ends that their end. In summary, there may not be an active project and consequently getting the budget, et cetera may be a problem. 

AMBER – Decision process indicated

it’s good to ascertain that there is a process that suggests that appropriate people on the prospect side get involved and budget is likely to be available.

Green – Decision process confirmed

This will now enable you to project your revenue more accurately on the assumption that the decision is favorable for you. It also means that you can work to ensure that you can conclude the deal.

Mitigations – What to Do?

The most important tool at this stage is the mutual close plan. This sets out the steps from here to decision. As implied by the word mutual is both what you have to do and the prospect has to do. Creating a mutual close plan with both you and the prospect’s agree steps is immensely powerful in understanding and navigating the decision process.

Make sure you work the decision process with the decision criteria to ensure everything is covered. There’s nothing more frustrating than working to a decision date only to find a vital piece was left out and consequently the decision may be deferred.

Build on your reach out to power, work together with the champion, et cetera to make sure that all parties involved in the decision process have everything they need to make that decision.

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